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To many people solar energy seems like a really good idea, but unfortunately, that is where it ends. It is a complicated industry with a great deal of technical jargon that is difficult to get your head around.

WhichSolar aims to simplify your decision to switch to solar and save.

We have taken into account all the variables (like sunlight levels in your area, number of panels required, roof orientation, cost of electricity) and made one easy-to-use calculator.

Simply enter your address and monthly electricity spend and our state-of-the-art algorithm will let you know the cost of a suitable solar power system, along with the monthly saving on your current electricity bill and the net saving after 25 years, (the period where your system is most efficient).

That's not all, WhichSolar then provides you with a list of reputable, hand picked suppliers to review. Simply select up to 3 suppliers and we will get them to provide you with a detailed quotation within 48 hours.

Looking to find out more information about solar energy? Check out the WhichSolar blog! Here we have articles that have been written with the customer in mind. No complicated jargon, just easy to understand information.

Why use Which Solar?

WhichSolar provides independent solar power advice, whilst helping you understand the cost benefits and implications of installing a solar system that suits your needs. Our aim is to simplify your decision to switch to solar and save!


Understand the benefits of solar power


Request quotes from certified solar installers


Simplify the decision to switch to solar


See how much you can save on your energy bills

I'd put my money on the sun and solar energy. What a source of power! I hope we don't have to wait until oil and coal run out before we tackle that.

Thomas Edison, 1931

How the calculator works

Understand the cost of installing a solar power system that suits your needs, see how much you could save on your monthly electricity bills and see your net savings over 25 years.

Step 1

Enter home address and average monthly electricity spend

Step 2

Compare savings against the cost of an average solar power system

Step 3

Review and compare a list of reputable installers

Step 4

Request detailed quotes from up to 3 installers