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The Benefits of Solar Energy

The Earth receives approximately 1370 watts per square metre of solar radiation each year. That’s a lot of power! 

Using this clean, renewable electricity not only saves you money, but it is also kind on the environment and brings you one step closer to “off the grid living,” where you are no longer reliant on less dependable resources.  This is a very real concern if you are living in South Africa right now.

Here are the main reasons why you should switch to solar:

Solar Energy is cost effective  
The cost of materials and labour has come down considerably, making the installation of solar systems more affordable. 

The energy you gain from direct sunlight provides you with free electricity. So once you have installed a solar power system, you will see an immediate decrease in your electricity bills, and over the warranty period of the system (25 years) the average household will see savings of more than R90k. 

Once you start generating your own energy, you will be somewhat protected against the rising cost of electricity and the unstable local power supply. 

With the right power storage system in place, any excess energy can be stored and used when there is no or little sunshine, further increasing your savings and making you no longer tied to the grid. 

At present, any unused electricity produced by your system cannot be fed back into the South African grid. However, local politicians are keen to make a change here, and when this happens you will be able to sell any excess electricity back to the municipality, thus saving more money.  

The installation of a solar system also increases the value of your property.   

Solar Energy is Reliable
The sun always rises and set every day, and the energy generated from it never runs out.  Even when there is extensive cloud cover, you can still generated electricity from the sun. 

You can access solar power anywhere where the sun shines, even if there are no electricity cables servicing that area.  

Solar power systems have a warranty period of about 25 years, with a 90% average efficiency over this time. There is little to no maintenance required during this time, making it an easy and reliable choice.   

Solar Energy is Environmentally Friendly
Unlike the traditional methods of creating electricity, solar panels do not produce any harmful emissions (such as greenhouse gasses like CO2). This means that there is no impact on climate change or air pollution. 

There is also no noise pollution generated from the production of electricity from solar. 

Solar systems conserve water. They use 16 times less water than coal power plants, and 20 times less water than nuclear power plants to produce the same amount of electricity. 

Solar energy is renewable, so you don’t need to worry about the ever-dwindling amount of fossil fuels. 

What's more, solar panels themselves can be recycled.   

As technology improves, solar power systems are becoming more affordable and run effortlessly on their own. So with all these benefits, there really isn't a better to time to switch to solar. Click here to see just how much you could save.     

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